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Making Private Investing Available to Everyone

Equifaira’s Exempt Market Dealership (EMD) is a securities dealer specializing in the private capital markets and alternative investments sector.

In Canada, private capital markets are referred to as the exempt market.

At Equifaira Private Securities, our offerings undergo a due diligence process by our experienced Chief Compliance Officer and investment committee.



Carefully select privately held companies with the potential for exceptional growth

Strategically Invest


Strategically invest in select companies we work with.



Help our clients grow by embedding in key roles in their business.

Guide for Return


Guide them to achieve a return for their investors (including Equifaira).

Equifaira invests in local private companies by identifying the best family and founder led companies evaluating on 5 primary criteria:


Is the company local with a global perspective?


Does the company have an exceptional founder and team?


Does the company have "a swing for the fences“ product and or service in a huge market?


Does the company have domain expertise, secrets and or proprietary technology?


Does the company have a proven business model, revenue?

Making private investing available to everyone.

Equifaira selects companies that have a human centric approach and a potential to disrupt outdated industry practices. Equifaira focuses on consumer products and technology sectors and companies that have a foundation of putting people and the planet first.

We seek companies that champion environmental sustainability, social advancement and responsible corporate governance.

Current Offering

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Nexii is a green construction technology company committed to building a vibrant future for people and the planet.

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Meet the Team

Directors, Managing Partners


Rabab Khan


Miika Makela


Exclusive Access

Equifaira Private Securities provides access to private placement offerings of companies that we have carefully selected to represent.

If you are interested in investing in selected companies, please get in touch.

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Rabab Khan

Rabab Khan is a Finance and Business partner to executives and solopreneurs providing growth and development solutions. With over a decade of professional experience in the financial industry, Rabab understands the key to business success is forming a strong foundation in collaborative leadership and partnership. She wears her project management hat to provide a spectrum of solutions, from financial analysis to business operations.

Rabab has comprehensive exposure within the financial industry; starting her career in brokerage and sales, moving on to marketing communication and product development and finally to investment performance measurement and operations at TD Waterhouse in Toronto, Canada.

Outside of work, she enjoys travel, breaking out a good sweat through intense workouts, reading, and endless bars of chocolate. Her favourite way to end the day is a delicious meal and thought-provoking conversations with her loved ones.

Kyle Sidwell

Kyle is a young executive with several years of experience supporting early stage companies during rapid growth. Kyle is a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia, where he received a bachelor’s degree from the Sauder School of Business.

During his university career, Kyle worked with Luvo and LYFE Kitchen, where he supported the founder and senior executives with various initiatives in investor relations, marketing, operations, sales, and more. Most recently, Kyle was a project manager on a 112 ft. yacht refit in Vancouver.